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  1. Chunk Size and Summary Length
  2. clean dashes??
  3. Filename as searchtext
  4. dig for certain words
  5. Detailed feature inquiry (mainly Metadata and protected)
  6. Display first H2 tag as title instead of page title
  7. How phpdig works with composed keywords ?
  8. Spidering issue
  9. Newbie on Domains: Yes or No Answer Please :)
  10. How does PhpDig epure text?
  11. Adding proprietary meta tags/values to be spidered
  12. Moving to a new server
  13. Hiding Password Protected Pages
  14. Indexing file and down
  15. Modifying PHP DIG?
  16. Indexing of numbers
  17. How to specifiy whole words only in results
  18. Use PhpDig in an Intranet ???
  19. Exclue url variable
  20. Exclude and include tables
  21. keywords duplicates and unwanted keywords
  22. Search Result Page Question
  23. custom sites phpdig:form_dropdown
  24. Re-indexing a page, "boosting" pages
  25. "I don't want to index your sites!!!" - said PHPDig
  26. ....was recently indexed
  27. Meta Robots = NoIndex, or already indexed : No content indexed
  28. ereg(): REG_BADRPT
  29. update only changed files
  30. Can't Index Here Either
  31. Indexing russian and ukranian words
  32. How can I re-name name="option"?
  33. PhpDig only with Mysql
  34. No most searched terms, biggest results, most 0 results, last search queries, etc.
  35. Security issues
  36. Where can I find comments for XML-tags...
  37. Removing pages and artificially pushing search results to the top.
  38. Pulling search results into existing search system.
  39. changing (moving positon of) the results message.
  40. Unable to return consistent search results
  41. Clear List of Queries
  42. HTML entities in results
  43. Sleep in the code
  44. Themes
  45. How to scan XML documents
  46. ...Was recently indexed
  47. Exclude part of a page
  48. Show recent searches on a page other than list.php
  49. link after search in myurl how to do it ?
  50. How to add a site from the command line or with a php script
  51. search localhost on my computer
  52. Change Identity of Spider
  53. language as chinese
  54. search results are in the wrong order
  55. Stemming
  56. query distinct links only
  57. Custom XML like tags...?
  58. Windows-1250
  59. Capitals and accents
  60. Search box on every page?
  61. Restricting search results by URL at the search form level
  62. Searching UBB Message Board
  63. IF phpdig is right on search from a word of a *.php or *.asp
  64. How to limit indexing to a specific directory?
  65. Split the search engine and the web crawler
  66. A Language essiue..
  67. Struggling with cron
  68. I just want to index main sites
  70. partial/wildcard word searching
  71. Results to display info from mysql table
  72. possible to display snippets without losing line breaks?
  73. Redirecting search results to iframe
  74. Show URL path of results.
  75. Change update_date to "Nov 24, 2005"
  76. Spider indexing/request speed/rate - How to change?
  77. Extracting H2 tag
  78. hyphen problem in search term
  79. Can phpDig do the job?
  80. Domain Aliases
  81. Using phpdig for finding copyright infringements
  82. a new question about phpdig and sessions
  83. show results in an include (php)
  84. return statement question
  85. how to stop search results being messed up all over page
  86. How to schedule automatic spidering using windows schedule task utility
  87. skipping header and footer
  88. How do I reindex my site after making changes?
  89. Not index certain links?
  90. re-index links
  91. Change sleep
  92. Informations to customize spider
  93. What is text_content for ?
  94. How To stop spider by shell command ?
  95. default template
  96. change PHPDig to get a GET instead of a POST...
  97. Client question: intelligent ranking
  98. It seems phpdig could not index....`
  99. Question about how to interpret statistics
  100. search results page
  101. what is this new information ..
  102. Infos about multiple spider change
  103. How to Include Numbers which occur in names
  104. User submit link
  105. Manually set title for spidered page
  106. Totally Limiting Searches to a Particular Filetype
  107. frames
  108. "No link in temporary table"
  109. Using modindex with phpdig
  110. Can I make the spider stop and start on a dime?
  111. Bug due to cron
  112. phpdig with cms
  113. Problems with the search result
  114. noindex, follow dans une partie seulement
  115. Spider & Search the Mirror, return results for Live
  116. <!-- phpdigInclude --> and <!-- phpdigExclude --> doesn`t work
  117. What is the best practice for re-indexing?
  118. title tag
  119. how can I modify the search urls
  120. No results page - how to avoid centering
  121. lists.php question
  122. Questions
  123. search form 'remembering' previous search
  124. can't figure out how to include search
  125. Using Templates.
  126. hello, group doimain search
  127. Limiting Search Areas
  128. Running with old version of MySQL?
  129. Encoding Problem. Please help
  130. indexing alt tags for graphics
  131. Integrate Results into existing template
  132. Utilisation FTP
  133. Using non-root MySQL account with phpDig
  134. Memory usage?
  135. Error when Indexing
  136. Daily indexing using CRON? (PhpDig, MailMan, Pipermail)
  137. Use of FTP
  138. Index Only Changed or newly Added File
  139. Ranking for Pages in Search Result
  140. Chron Job? Scheduling? How?
  141. Exact Phrase support
  142. create select box to search different dirs
  143. Get all words from web page
  144. Optymalization
  145. $site variable is not propagated to search_function.php
  146. Exclude paths for spider
  147. Searching other sites!!!
  148. how to conf. the script?
  149. Probleme with japanese search
  150. Indexing new directories
  151. Searching from any page
  152. Blocking domains
  153. show sites indexed
  154. removing Demo templates link
  155. WAMP - Not spidering
  156. Personnal template for results
  157. Changing Admin directory
  158. Clearing Lists
  159. spider scans only 1 page?
  160. How to index chinese pages ...and spanish, english, french..
  161. How to filter your searches
  162. How do I integrate results pages into a php site?
  163. v.1.8.8 vs v.1.8.9 RC1=? And what about php5?
  164. Upgrading my phpDig version
  165. Blocking particular hosts or domains?
  166. Site search priority
  167. utf-8 pages
  168. Including extra files (like ssi) does not work
  169. *please help*: crawling search sites -howto make a metasearcher
  170. Moodle course search anyone?
  171. Sort dropdown urls
  172. index.php
  173. Confused What is phpdig
  174. Get text from alt and title images attributes?
  175. move search code to just a box
  176. Long Call help.
  177. Change user-agent name
  178. how to limit phpdig only to my domain??
  179. Please Help! Custom Results Page
  180. limit to a subfolder and below
  181. Spidering additional metatags.
  182. Banned Domains
  183. Imagespider
  184. Help using output as Array function
  185. UTF-8 Question
  186. MySQL Question
  187. refine search to two or more urls
  188. Search Depth using cron
  189. URL Length
  190. Custom Search look and feel
  191. Dont jump to another sub sites
  192. How do I crawl for email addresses on each website?
  193. help
  194. Free Approved Database
  195. Search form
  196. Limit of spidering external domains
  197. drop down for domain names
  198. Spider SWF and GIF files
  199. indexing a dynamic page
  200. Exclude links from indexing, keep text
  201. Green template after integration
  202. Indexing Password Protected pages (using session variables)
  203. Categories
  204. 'AND' and 'OR' operators
  205. How to sort the Results
  206. General How to
  207. Upgrade and Update
  208. Searching different sub-sections of the website
  209. Adding thumbnail pictures to your results?
  210. Looking for cron tutorial
  211. How do I spider list of specific domains?
  212. Getting rid of the dots!
  213. Ignore sections of a page
  214. Ignore links with a particular querystring
  215. Change phpdigExclude to not spider Links as well as text
  216. Oh where oh where can my template file be?
  217. Delete Old Index from Command Line
  218. Index only XXX character...
  219. Removing extra text from summary in results
  220. Index only 1 level EN+FR [phpdig 1.8.8]
  221. start reindex not from the web page
  222. Selective Indexing of URL Containing a <keyword>
  223. How to edit/change existing & static html meta tag?
  224. Indexing sub directories
  225. sorting results