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  1. sliding pager
  2. Dmoz
  3. Intrude a URL in the results?
  4. Automatic spider
  5. Multiple forms and limiting searches
  6. refine search but not based on path...
  7. RSS Feed Code For Template?
  8. PHP Install?
  9. Why scan apache multi indexes?
  10. How to remove this: "Choose a template"
  11. Remove refine and dropdown menu
  12. Title of the results - how to change from <phpdig:page_link/>
  13. common words lists
  14. Insert phpdig
  15. how to index only not indexed pages?
  16. is it real to inrease indexing time with web interface?
  17. Renaming phpDig directory
  18. spidering question
  19. search.php outside of original dir
  20. What filetypes are searched.
  21. what is the purpose of th rss feed
  22. As I can index archives with access restricted with password?
  23. Description meta tag field in results
  24. Where it is the documentation of as using...
  25. ¿Modify the label <phpdig:update_date/>?
  26. multiple encodings
  27. local index
  28. ¿Why the label <phpdig:complete_path/> change the width of the tables?
  29. no timeout?
  30. Displaying Meta Description
  31. Re-indexing with crontab
  32. Need to index orphan php pages, how?
  33. Search meta Author
  34. How to search all sites at once?
  35. arabic language support
  36. altering meta tag content
  37. Custom Template Tag
  38. How to include just the text field from search form?
  39. Custom template not working
  40. PHPDIG_SESSID_REMOVE seems not to work
  41. Welcome message in template
  42. search box?
  43. Setting Up connect.php
  44. Searching a blog
  45. Search box on search templates
  46. Mid Google search or big brother?
  47. Suggest URL
  48. new user needs "idiots" guide
  49. Error message
  50. Variable with the URL in it (in spider.php)
  51. A few questions
  52. limit digging to certain keywords?
  53. Duplicate/Similar search results?
  54. A simple include in my php template doesn't appear
  55. customizing templates
  56. removing template_demo in URL path?
  57. How to index only part of page <title>?
  58. is there a way to get rid of template choice?
  59. Modification de l'affichage des résultats
  61. Changing the search page
  62. install help
  63. multibyte language
  64. Removing "Select a site to search"
  65. cmd line index error msg
  66. How do I remove deleted files?
  67. Number of pages indexed
  68. clearing out the temporary table
  69. updating the index via the shell
  70. rankings
  71. auto re-indexing on shared hosting server
  72. Index on html pages build by template
  73. multiple crawlers
  74. include search.php
  75. phpdig & https
  76. google like search engine
  77. suggestions?
  78. External link
  79. Search all indexed pages in search.php
  80. Problems with PHP in templates with version 1.8.3
  81. Hi I need help
  82. For Those With Password Protected Sites
  83. um new user help
  84. work with the database?
  85. china language
  86. making phpdig index fulltext
  87. Hi all,
  88. Searching sections of my site separately
  89. Spanish search and flat files
  90. How do I modify the template tags output?
  91. Spider an affiliate site with affiliate id
  92. Text Links Showing up in Keywords List
  93. search from the search field on my hompage
  94. index subdomains
  95. What is "refine" used for?
  96. .shtml as a template?
  97. Spider OK, but how to get search?
  98. Excellent results using Putty SSH client and nohup command
  99. Restricting Directories
  100. Need to modify custom template for click stats
  101. do i need to use the radio buttons or just the regular expressions?
  102. statistic for the queries?
  103. exclude a specific file-type
  104. Excluding only one link
  105. i need only the link, without the title
  106. including file with php does not work...
  107. excluding keywords from indexing
  108. how to use the "phpdigSearch" array
  109. Problem restricting search results
  110. specific links not spider
  111. Inserting the results of search into web page
  112. Full Link Exploration with Selective Content Indexing
  113. Adding search box to every page (cont'd)
  114. search only by one language
  115. fuzzy search on product numbers
  116. Search page to search all domains & links generally
  117. How to index filenames?
  118. can I do this, idiot question
  119. Spider External links to a depth of 1 (1.8.3)
  120. Broken second search if No Links found
  121. Highlight password-protected content with padlock?
  122. Textual content of indexed documents
  123. index all words
  124. confused - how do i intergrate search?
  125. Hi everyone
  126. Cannot index querystrings
  127. utf-8 support
  128. several databases?
  129. PhpDig is too advanced :)
  130. index to MSSQL db or text files
  131. text_content files
  132. How can I make phpdig spider faster
  133. Calling all persons spidering multiple domains
  134. Help me with my kick ass web site.
  135. How to unlock an URL
  136. How to exclude subdirectories while indexing a site
  137. no links found
  138. Chaning name of user-agent?
  139. Un restrict to sub directories
  140. What does Search dept mean?
  141. How to update phpdig to support chinese.
  142. Indexing Dynamic Content
  143. weight of a site?
  144. Looking for a working example....
  145. bandwith and phpdig
  146. PostNuke integration
  147. Adding a thumbnail to each page...help?
  148. How do I Insert PhpDig in a website
  149. How to make phpdig index certain content, located in certain html tags?!
  150. Comment identifier PhpDig ? - How to identifyPhpDig ?
  151. Que signifient certaines lignes du log - What is the meaning of some log lines
  152. Bold Search Terms
  153. phpDig FAQ
  154. Using a dictionnary to spider pages
  155. no results
  156. A little help would be great.
  157. Another URL Question please.
  158. can i customize the search engine in this way?
  159. Php code in results
  160. Easy way to add most & last searched queries to web page?
  161. How to display all results?
  162. how to exchange indexes between phpdig instances?
  163. SSH alternative?
  164. Reindex without cron job?
  165. how to manual insert into base links for index?
  166. how to do "reverse like" search in mysql?
  167. how to continue spidering when connection was been broken
  168. How to display results on an existing page ?
  169. Need meta description in results, getting much more...
  170. bug? upgrade to 1.8.4
  171. Dynamic Link Bug with Short Tags (and solution)
  172. Results display-misses opening paragraph
  173. How to remove "Choose a template"
  174. after fixing last bug
  175. Where am I going wrong?
  176. Just for information...
  177. PhpDig and Nuke?
  178. Site Map Code
  179. limit search to contents of HTML tags?
  180. toggle hypen exclusion
  181. Baffled by Cron Job
  182. Fetching results from remote CGI program?
  183. Multiple Spiders
  184. Wildcard for banned external links?
  185. garbage collection
  186. Indexing a directory with many files
  187. Ban features
  188. Unlock locked sites
  189. Crawl for illegal content
  190. Does anyone know the Table Structure for PHPdig?
  191. Excluding/Including by Path
  192. How to optomize PHPDIG?
  193. Exclude filenames with certain attributes?
  194. Url and Search
  195. Max indexing ?
  196. Excluding phpsessid's
  197. Indexing .info
  198. Website invisible
  199. How set up a cron job with PhpDig 1.8.6?
  200. Url rewriting
  201. upgrade a 1.8.3 database to 1.8.6
  202. Encoding Problem
  203. title and keyword
  204. Mask portion of a page from spider.
  205. Does the robot?
  206. How use a cronjon (In french ... :o )
  207. Wrapper
  208. phpdigExclude and links
  209. robots.txt and URL
  210. spidering external links
  211. How To call spider from command line with debth options?
  212. "search depth" and "links per" features
  213. little problem
  214. multihomed phpdig
  215. Help!How to support gb2312 charset?
  216. Subdirectories but not higher directories
  217. Forking
  218. I cannot update my website
  219. Fork in background during the spidering...
  220. List all pages from specified host
  221. Meaning
  222. excludes, includes and other tables
  223. Problems with cron
  224. Fresh Install, How Do I Dig DEAP
  225. Search box & Monitor resolution
  226. Problem with Armenian language(armscii-8)
  227. How to index only local directory files?
  228. How to increase indexing speed
  229. Indexing "<word>-<word>"?
  230. categories and then edit search_function.ph
  231. Spidersearch other websites
  232. Creating a second search page in the same site searching only a specific path
  233. Break the depth limit of 20?
  234. How to index one page and nothing else
  235. other UTF-8 languages
  236. Spaces (%20) in URLs
  237. Brand New, Box Still Wrapped - Local Search Engine?
  238. Can PhpDig spider only certain sites?
  239. index just homepage with a cronjob (the mole is too deep)
  240. Bandwidth requirements?
  241. allow_url_fopen question
  242. reset statistik
  243. New Exclude Option
  244. can phpdig index PDF server-side served from php?
  245. Forcing a page to always show up first in search results based on keyword
  246. Search Engines and Dig
  247. spidering and indexing only media files
  248. how to customize search page
  249. Delete statistic, queries
  250. indexing defined domain suffix