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12-16-2003, 03:32 AM
First of all thank you for the application (wonderful!) and for your support. Excuse me for the very basic question, then...
I have to index just a folder where it is included a TOC of several email in html format with their related attachments.
What have I to do to exclude from the indexing the TOC page itself, which is the 'gateway' for all the others?
Thank you again for your support


12-16-2003, 09:53 AM
Hi. If the TOC page is the only page that contains the links to the other pages, PhpDig will need to crawl it to find the links to the other pages. You could make a text file of URLs, one per line, and crawl via shell to avoid the TOC page. You could also crawl the TOC page, and when indexing is done, go to the control panel, choose a site, click the update button, click a blue arrow, and on the right side click the related red X to delete the TOC page.