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11-16-2003, 06:15 PM
hi all

i am testing phpdig for several purposes. setup and indexing of pages was really very simple. seams to be a nice app :)

i experienced troubles by indexing one of my private sites which has a url like the following: ( because of search engines like google :cool: )

http://www.example.com/index/Y29udGVudD1vdXRwdXRfbGlzdCZhY3Rpb249c2V0YXJyYXkmdmlldz0yJm5hbWU9VS94emMzZGh jM05sY2lBb2QyRnliU2s9JlNJRD03ZDcyY2ZlZjUxNTZlZTc3YjkyMGY1OTQxN2VjMTEyYg==

/index/ is followed by a base64 encoded querystring. links look like this

<a href="../index/Y29udGVudD1vdXRwdXRfbm9sYW5nZmlsZSZsYW5nPWRlJlNJRD03ZDcyY2ZlZjUxNTZlZTc3Yjk yMGY1OTQxN2VjMTEyYg==" title="Fran&Ccedil;ais">

the problem is that only the startpage has been indexed. does anyone have a solution how i can fix that :confused: ?

thanks and have a nice day out there

rudeboy :D

11-16-2003, 11:45 PM
Hi. Off the top of my head, I would say that you would need to base64_decode the query strings before any parse_url and possibly other places in the script and then base64_encode the links for display in the search results if wanted.