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iptcparse — Parses a binary IIM block into human-readable tags.


mixed iptcparse(iptc_block);
string iptc_block:


Array of parsed IPTC (International Press and Telecommunications Council) format data; FALSE on error


iptcparse() is used to convert blocks of Information Interchange Model (IIM) format data into arrays of single tags. IIM is a format that allows editorial meta-data (such as author name and copyright information) to be directly embedded within an image. Developers are most likely to encounter this kind of data in JPEG files that have been authored in Adobe PhotoShop.

The IIM data can be extracted from an image by using the getimagesize() function. (See the following usage examples.)


As of PHP 4.0.4, iptcparse() is not yet complete. To get full use of the function, you should study the IIM documentation (available from To get access to the full range of IIM data, direct modification to the PHP source code is required.


PHP Version: 3.0.6+, 4+


Example 759. Extract the copyright information from a block of IIM data

function iim_get_copyright ($img) {
    # Older versions of PHP may want $IIM to be passed by reference
    # In these cases use &$IIM in place of $IIM in the following function call
    @ getimagesize ($img, $IIM);

    # If $img does not refer to a valid image or does not contain IIM data, then exit.
    if (! is_array ($IIM))
        return FALSE;

    # Loop through the IIM data blocks
    foreach ($IIM as $block) {
        # Convert the binary IIM block into an array of tags
        $tags = @ iptcparse ($block);

        # If the result of the conversion is not an array,
        # skip to the next IIM block
        if (! is_array ($tags))
        # If the result is an array,
        # see if one of the tags in the array corresponds to copyright data
        # '2#116' is the tag that represents copyright data
        foreach ($tags as $key => $value) {
            if ('2#116' == $key) {
                return implode (', ', $value);

print iim_get_copyright ('test.jpg');

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