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ibase_trans — Start a new transaction


resource ibase_trans([flags][, link]);
int flags (optional): Flags specifying transaction mode
resource link (optional): Connection handle


Transaction handle, FALSE on error


Depending on the context used, starts a new transaction or sets the mode for the default transaction on the database connection.

You can have at most 10 separate transactions per connection. There is no concept of 'nested transactions;' multiple calls will create independent and unrelated transactions. This allows you to write programs with logic that will be totally incomprehensible even to yourself. Don't do it.

Flag values for specifying transaction mode:

  • IBASE_READ: Transaction both will and can only read tables. Speeds up your programs because the database server has a lot of less work to do maintaining table or row locks.

  • IBASE_COMMITTED: Committed changes made by other concurrent transactions are visible. Hasn't much meaning unless you have a non-PHP application too making changes to the database that retains transactions open after committing. PHP always closes transactions when either committing or rolling back.

  • IBASE_CONSISTENCY: Lock tables, not rows, when writing.

  • IBASE_NOWAIT: Queries will return immediately with an error if there's a locking conflict with another transaction.

  • IBASE_DEFAULT: Transaction will both read and write tables, waits for access if there's a locking conflict with another transaction and changes made by other concurrent transactions are not visible.

If flags is omitted, the default is very surprisingly IBASE_DEFAULT.

InterBase has an interesting feature that it supports transactions covering several different connections and databases, and this function actually takes up to 19 link parameters. However, support for this functionality has not yet been implemented and only the last link is used.


Available in PHP 3 since 3.0.7, PHP 4 since 4.0RC1


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