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rewinddir — Rewinds the directory stream back to the start.


void rewinddir(dir_stream);
resource_pointer dir_stream: Resource pointer returned by opendir()




rewinddir() sets the resource pointer for a directory stream back to the start of the directory stream. One important note is that this function also causes the directory to be reread. You can use this feature to check for changes to a directory over the course of a script. See the example for details.


From versions 3.0 and 4.0


Example 248. Loop through a directory until a set amount of time passes or the directory changes

$time_to_wait = 12;
// For PHP3, use: $directory = '.';
$directory = getcwd ();

$directory_stream = opendir ($directory);

// Loop through the current entries in the directory
while ($entry = readdir ($directory_stream)) {
    // Make an array that stores the filenames as keys and the file sizes as values
    $file[$entry] = filesize ($entry);

rewinddir ($directory_stream);

print "Please wait $time_to_wait seconds until I am done with this example.<br>
    Do not modify the contents of $directory unless
    you want to see this script generate petty warnings.<br>";

for ($x=0; $x < $time_to_wait; ++$x) {
   // Display progress
   print "<br />\n" . round (($x/$time_to_wait) * 100) . "% done...";

   // Make sure nothing has changed; complain loudly and die if it has
   while ($entry = readdir ($directory_stream)) {
      if (filesize($entry) != $file[$entry]) {
         die ("<br />Why did you have to go and change $entry? I was " . round (($x/$time_to_wait) * 100) . "% done...");
   rewinddir ($directory_stream);

   // Sleep for one second.
   sleep (1);

   // Cause output to be displayed immediately, instead of being buffered.
   flush ();

print "<br />Thanks for waiting. You made this little script so happy!";

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