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Orange Mole
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Exclamation URGENT! Probably a seriose bug.

Straight to the point.

After upgrade my digger from 1.8.3 to the lastest at the moment 1.8.7, i have run an command line indexing

php -f spider.php sites.txt >> sites.log

The sites.txt file contains about 2000 pages. All was fine, exept that i have notice that the spidering proccess was about 2 times slower than previose version(1.8.3). And i leave it to index and go to bed. Today when i woke up, look at the shell and notice following message:


Look in the sites.log and saw that around 1600 was indexed. I have run the spider again, and in 10 minutes i recive a phone call from the server tech admin. He tells me that my account have been sent about 25-35 emails per second, and this makes him to kill the proccess that creates them. I tells him what kind of script i run and that i dont think that this can be the source of this emails. Then we make a test: I run the spider again and he was still on the phone and tell me that this mails have start again.

Now i cant run the spider becouse he explain me, that this (mass mailing) can couse my account to be shuted down.

Any help and ideas will be apreciated.
Thank you
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Head Mole
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PhpDig has not one mail command and does not hook up to any mail process. Before this can be declared a bug, I would need more information. For starters, what is the content of the email?
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Orange Mole
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I have request same thing from tech admin and still waiting to recieve the server logs. Will post here when got them
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Orange Mole
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The tech admin inform me, that the company owner refuse to give me the logs without any reason. He tells me to make tests on localmachine in order to see what happen.

I will build a linux machine these days and will make the tests.
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Dave A
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I feel that Charter is correct, never once has my version of phpdig ever sent any emails because it doesn't appear to be built into the software.
A while ago I did have a problem with a web hosting company getting worried about ******d connections, when the spider started to index web sites.
They complained about the bandwidth that I may end up using, well I simply changed hosting providers.
Some web hosts get worried that any ******d connections may be spam related, it may be worth informing them of what phpdig does, if they are not used to ******d connects it may be that they have become confused by what the spider is doing.
But Charter is very clever and knows the software indside out, trust him I do..
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Goday everyone.
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