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Green Mole
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Question Forcing a page to always show up first in search results based on keyword

First post here, I have been using phpdig for about 6 months on, the non-profit organization I work for. So far so good but I have a quick question...

I have several pages of my website that I would always like to be displayed first when a person searches by certain words. I realize I can do a better job optimizing my pages so that this happens, but is there an easier way to do this? Is there a feature of phpdig such as a textfile or table where you can create an array of keywords and pages that should always be displayed first if that keyword is searched on? Thanks in advance for your suggestions on how this can be accomplished.
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Dave A
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Keyword lists

Hi If you have access to the pages that you want to be the first displayed then why not try and add the specific keywords to the web pages and then re index them so that they would score well on the keyword searches and it would be a natural way to do it.
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Head Mole
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True, true, Dave, but an option is in the works.

BTW, derrickp, update your version of PhpDig.
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Green Mole
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Excellent idea

I think this is an excellent idea... Especially for a large website that has mulitple contributors. That way an admin can easily determine what pages are the most important...

I have used another search engine (Site Search Pro which is promising, but ultimately too buggy for production use) that had this feature and it was very useful.

Another idea is to have an adminsitrative interface that allows results for certain strings be ranked manually. That way you push the information on your website that is most relevant to a users search.

What sort of keyword techniques have you guys used to accomplish this sort of thing?
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