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Green Mole
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Detailed feature inquiry (mainly Metadata and protected)

Dear sirs

For a project we have the following needs (some of which I haven't found
answered clearly on your website):

§ Enforce security access assigned through MS Active Directory to users of content.

§ Be able to Index Documents locally stored in the portal location.

§ Search of Metadata information.

§ Be able to index remote web sites.

§ Be able to index local CMS content.

§ Be able to index database storages (critical for collaboration
tools or other applications such as Image banks).

§ Ability to save queries that can be reused by users.

§ Ability to get alerts of changes occurred to queries run by users.

§ Ability to present results in categories, based on source. For
example: Collaboration tools, People etc.

§ Search logs to track users success and failure in searching.

§ Federated search, so that a search engine of another portal can be
queried for results.

Does PHPDig provide all of this?
We have most doubts about Database search (e.g. if we'd like to include in
our search sites built with moodle), protected data (e.g. to index
information of specific audience, and make it available especifically to the
respective audience, and Metadata, to search Metadata coded in Dublin Core
and other Metadata standards.

If you think PHPDig cannot provide this, could you maybe
recommend any other free open source solution?

Thanks for your time and your help.

Best regards,

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PhpDig does some, but certainly not all, of what you desire. To get a better feel of the abilities and limitations of PhpDig, just install it and give it a test. I am not aware of a free open source solution that encompasses all you list, although one could exist.
Responses are offered on a voluntary if/as time is available basis, no guarantees. Double posting or bumping threads will not get your question answered any faster. No support via PM or email, responses not guaranteed. Thank you for your comprehension.
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