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Orange Mole
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It seems that the session ID remover have a small bug.

With the original configuration:
every variable passed in the URL ending with one value of PHPDIG_SESSID_VAR are disregarded.

I add a problem with index.php?series=001 turned into index.php?serie.

Where is the function that uses PHPDIG_SESSID_VAR?
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Green Mole
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I can confirm this bug. The function is phpdigSessionRemoveIt in robot_functions.php (line 1776):

PHP Code:
function phpdigSessionRemoveIt($what,$eval) {
$what trim($what);
$eval ereg_replace($what.'=[a-zA-Z0-9.,;=/-]*','',$eval);
$eval str_replace("&&","&",$eval);
$eval str_replace("?&","?",$eval);
$eval eregi_replace("&$","",$eval);
$eval str_replace("&&","&",$eval);
$eval eregi_replace("[?][&]","?",$eval);
$eval eregi_replace("&$","",$eval);
$eval ereg_replace("[?]$","",$eval); // remove trailing question mark
return $eval;

My regex skills are kind of rusty at the moment, but shouldn't the second line of the function be something more like:

PHP Code:
    $eval ereg_replace('([?&])'.$what.'=[a-zA-Z0-9.,;=/-]*','\\1',$eval); 
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