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Green Mole
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Fresh Install, How Do I Dig DEEP

i am confused on the links, and depth options and such...

how can i make it to where it will index more then the single link i give it... like the entire page, and site?


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Dave A
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How to dig deep?

Hi and welcome to the PHPDIG forums.

When you go to spider a domain just click on the depth button and set it to about 4 then set the links to the same about 4, type in the domain name.
That should dig down into the web site at around four levels and index up to 4 links per level, so from that web site you should get around 16 links (Web pages) indexed.
Test it out a few times and see the level you want to index your web site down to.
It would be best to use the update site if you re-index the site again within a few days because there is a setting built in that can stop reindexing and PHPDIG will refuse to index it.
Failing that you should be able to delete the site from the listing and then re index at a greater depth.

Give it a try

All the best
Dave A
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