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What abou the new version!?

What abou the new version!?

Evry new version is a process that conatains the follow points:

1. Some old bugs removed.
2. Some new bugs added.
3. Come on! where is the new version to remove the old bugs.

And now i want to ask charter:

Bro, when some program deserve to carry a V1.0 ?


I am 100% sure that phpdig is N1 at the GNU/GPL and there is no competitions about this! But I personally think that the core must be CVS published and all program must be class programmed, so the whole comunity will be inside the project. I think that this will develop the project more faster and with bring MORE quallity!


Like the linux core was assebled from a bilion parts, this project can be assebled from the work of many peoples. I saw that until now the work is haotic(somebody submit this mod, somebody other and etc) The CVS will solve this problem. And all of will will be happy to see our own work to work!

Thank you to reading this post.
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BulForce, your post isn't a bug report but seems more like a complaint about free software, so it's moved from bug tracker to this forum. I've already talked of CVS long ago, and I added a file list to the home page. If people want to contribute code, there is the Mod Submissions forum. This works fine for other sites like so I see no compelling reason to change the setup. BTW, I am not aware of any verified bugs in PhpDig v.1.8.7 at this point in time. Just because some people have problems doesn't automatically imply that the code is to blame.
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