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Green Mole
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Question Hiding Password Protected Pages

Hello. I'm new for PhpDig. I appreciate this project very much but I came across two problems. Could you please help me?

1. Cannot dig (http session) password protected pages. I have logged in the protected page first and go to phpDig admin page to dig the that page. Instead, it digged the timeout page. Can I dig the protected page when the login session is valid and not time-out? I cannot afford removing the password protection during the process.

2. Is it possible to restrict the result set returns only the accessible pages of the current user. All the protection is using http authentication with username and password.

Thanks a lot!
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Green Mole
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** URGENT **
Dear Charter and all experts,

Why no one response my questions at all? More description of my problems as follows:

1. Most of my web pages are password protected using session. For example:
$sess = new Session();
$user = $sess->getSession($GLOBALS["sessionUser"]);
if(!empty($user)) { print $html_content; }
else { header("Location: index.php?error=timeout");}

I have already logged in to index.php, and then go to phpdig admin page to dig index.php. But only index.php?error=timeout can be digged even the session is valid. How can I dig the real content ($html_content above) when the session is valid?

I cannot remove the session validation during indexing due to security reason and cannot access the root of the hosting machine.

2. In searching, how can the result set just return the web pages which they can see and NOT return the protected pages if the current user is not logged in? The login logic is same as above.

Please give me a hand! Thank you very much!
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Head Mole
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For one perhaps try using the user-agent as in this thread, and for two there would need to be a way to store the access level along with the page, and then verify that level before serving search results to the user.
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