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Green Mole
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Exclamation accent in links

PHPDig is not indexing links with accents. I'm using apache in windows XP(XAMPP from apachefriends) and I've setted PHPDig 1.8.8 in spanish (es).

Example link: http://localhost/Informatica/Documen...nto/index.html

Pay attention to the word código and the accent.

Microsoft explorer gets this page. PHPDig no. Answer is 403 Forbidden.

I have seen that Microsoft explorer changes ó (oacute) for %C3%B3, instead of PHP fputs, that send %B3 only.

I've tried some code just in http request, like

//complete get
$request =
"HEAD $path $http_scheme/1.1".END_OF_LINE_MARKER
."Host: $host$sport".END_OF_LINE_MARKER
."Accept: */*".END_OF_LINE_MARKER
."Accept-Encoding: identity".END_OF_LINE_MARKER
."Connection: close".END_OF_LINE_MARKER

and I have not the error 403 Forbidden,

but then spider stops with "No links in temporary table"

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accents solved

I have solved my problem with accents in links. I'm spanish and I use accent in links and ñ and Ñ. I think I've fixed the problem replacing the line 218 in robot_functions.php:

$eval = str_replace(" ","%20",$eval);



and changing in config.php the variable allowed_link_chars:

$allowed_link_chars = "[:%/?=&;\\,._a-zA-Z0-9áÁéÉ*ÍóÓúÚüÜñÑ|+ ()~-]*"; // includes space and () - not good with javascript, y acentos y guiones

and forget the previous post.

This can solve any special character, just including it in $allowed_link_chars.

I hope this help other spanish and not english people.

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Results page

Don't forget change search_function.php in line 518 or links will be wrong:



$table_results[$n] = array (
'weight' => $weight,
'img_tag' => '<img border="0" src="'.WEIGHT_IMGSRC.'" width="'.ceil(WEIGHT_WIDTH*$weight/100).'" height="'.WEIGHT_HEIGHT.'" alt="" />',
'page_link' => "<a class=\"phpdig\" href=\"".$url."\" onmousedown=\"return clickit(".$n.",'".$js_url."')\" target=\"".LINK_TARGET."\" >".$title."</a>",
'limit_links' => phpdigMsg('limit_to')." ".$l_site.$l_path,
'filesize' => sprintf('%.1f',(ereg_replace('.*_([0-9]+)$','\1',$content['md5']))/1024),
'update_date' => ereg_replace('^([0-9]{4})[-]?([0-9]{2})[-]?([0-9]{2}).*',PHPDIG_DATE_FORMAT,$content['last_modified']),
'complete_path' => $url,
'link_title' => $title
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