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Purple Mole
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How To Index One-Character Words

I just started using phpDig last night. Looks like I've finally found a decent website search engine that I can live with!

I'm wondering though how I can set it up so that even single character words are indexed. I found the following statement in the config.php file, which I think would govern that.
When I set that number to zero, it sure didn't like that. Is there any way to disable the small words exclusion? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Head Mole
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Hi. Not tested, but perhaps try the following.

Comment out the following line in the phpdigEpureText function located in the phpdig_functions.php file:
PHP Code:
$text ereg_replace('[[:blank:]][^ ]{1,'.$min_word_length.'}[[:blank:]]',' ',' '.$text.' '); 
Also comment out the following chunk of code in the search_function.php file:
PHP Code:
while (ereg(' ([^ ]{1,'.SMALL_WORDS_SIZE.'}) | ([^ ]{1,'.SMALL_WORDS_SIZE.'})$|^([^ ]{1,'.SMALL_WORDS_SIZE.'}) ',$test_short,$regs)) {
     for (
$n=1$n <=3$n++) {
        if (
$regs[$n]) {
$ignore .= "\"".$regs[$n]."\", ";
$test_short trim(str_replace($regs[$n],"",$test_short));

Then set define('SMALL_WORDS_SIZE',2); to define('SMALL_WORDS_SIZE',0); in the config file.
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Purple Mole
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Worked like a charm! Thanks very much for your help.
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