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Set time limit on spider.php or number of pages


I use a commercial server which has limits to the amount of resources I can use with spider.php. They've warned me before about the script taking up too many resources and are threatening to shut me down. I usually give spider.php a list of 30 sites (level0 spidering depth) to spider at a time as a cron job

Can I limit spider.php to run a maximim of 10 minutes even if it hasn't completed a cron job on a list of url's, to help prevent my site from being shut down by an angry administrator?


Paul L
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Hi. If your host allows, set a cron job like so:
10 * * * * ps -ef | grep 'php -f spider.php' | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill -9

10 * * * *               : complete this line to be 10 minutes after spider start
ps -ef                   : list out the processes
grep 'php -f spider.php' : find the spider process
awk '{print $2}'         : get PID from column two
xargs kill -9            : kill the spider process
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