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Green Mole
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Apache includes in a template

Here is a quick mod that lets me put server-side includes in a template file -- it emulates the Apache <!--#include virtual= ... --> directives in server-parsed HTML files.

For example, In a template file I can put:

<phpdig:inclucde virtual="/foo.html" />
to include a file containing a block of html
<phpdig:inclucde virtual="/cgi-bin/" />
to include the output of a cgi program, in this case the output of a perl script named I haven't tried it, but I assume that you could include php output the same way.

Here is the mod to libs\function_phpdig_form.php that makes it work:

Change the lines:

PHP Code:
       if ($in_loop == 0) {

PHP Code:
       if ($in_loop == 0) {
           if (
ereg('^[ ]*<phpdig:inclucde[ ]+virtual[ ]*=[ ]*[\"\']([^\"\\']+)["\'][ ]*/>(.*)', $line, $regs)) {
               $line = $regs[2];
           print phpdigParseTags($line,$t_strings);
Note that the code above probably word-wrapped here, the ereg call with the big ugly regular expression should be all on one line. Also, I seem to be fighting the BBS software that displays these posts -- it dropped some of my \ charcters -- the middle part uf the expresion should look like [\"\ ']([^\"\ ']+)[\"\ '] but without the blanks before the single quotes.

This method only works on sites where php's virtual() function works -- that means only on Apache servers, and they must be running php as a plugin, not as a cgi program.

This mod has worked for me on:
Win/XP + Apache 2.0.45 + Php 4.3.7
FreeBSD + Apache 1.3.27 + Php 4.3.4

If you don't provide a rooted path to the included file, its path will be relative to $relative_script_path.

My implementation has some restrictions that could probably be fixed by someone with a better understanding of php and the PhpDig code:

The <phpdig:inclucde ...> tag must be at the start of line, nothing but blanks should precede it.

It can't go inside a <phpdig:results> loop.

Thanks to everyone involved with PhpDig; it looks like it will be a great addition to my website. I'd appreciate any feedback or corrections for the mod.

Steve Green

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