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Orange Mole
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Baffled by Cron Job

I have probbaly read every post in the forums about cron jobs and still havnt a clue how to get it working .

this is the output I get
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: ?php: No such file or directory
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: /bin: is a directory
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------: command not found
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: PhpDig: command not found
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: This: command not found
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: See: command not found
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: All: command not found
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: PhpDig: command not found
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------: command not found
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: logs/: is a directory
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: //---------------spider: No such file or directory
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: //---------------operates: No such file or directory
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: line 14: syntax error near unexpected token `time()'
/home/slider/www/web/admin/spider.php: line 14: `$debut = time();'
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Head Mole
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Responses are offered on a voluntary if/as time is available basis, no guarantees. Double posting or bumping threads will not get your question answered any faster. No support via PM or email, responses not guaranteed. Thank you for your comprehension.
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Orange Mole
Join Date: Jan 2004
Posts: 30
I have an excellent hosting company I go through. They have been able to answer every question I have ever had except when asking what the path was to php. I was told I wouldn't need to know it. After trial and error I finally found the path to be /usr/local/bin/php .

For my next hair pulling experience I was having trouble with $relative_script_path being correct in config.php and spider.php
I fixed that problem and most likely not the right way by replacing the $&$^* (excuse my language) $relative_script_path variable with a real path.
Sure wish I knew why it didn't like the '..' that was being set for $relative_script_path.

....Anyways it now works like a charm. If my host could have told me the path to php in the beginning it might not have taken as long. Since this is my 1st experience with cron jobs I assumed they knew what they were talking about.

My final cron line ended up as the follwing...
/usr/local/bin/php -f /home/user/www/web/admin/spider.php /home/user/www/web/admin/cronlist.txt
it would not allow me to simply use cronlist.txt without a path

Hope this helps anyone who had to go through what I did.

I do very much appreciate your reply. You have one very great script you have written. Keep up the great work.
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