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Steve Joynt
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No link in temporary table

Success! I think I've fixed it at last.

Although there were lots of ideas throughout this message board on ways to fix this problem, none seemed to make any difference to my set up.

It looks like the file_exists() function doesn't work on my instalation of php 4.2.3 It always seems to return false, even when the file actually exists!

I've checked all the usual chmod's and php.ini settings, and everything seems to imply that it should work properly.

The spider doesn't add pages to its temporary table if it failed to retrieve them (ie. the local work file doesn't exist). This means it never adds anything to the table and that's why it's always empty.

If you have this problem, you'll notice files will be created in admin/temp even though the spider claims it can't see anything to index.

I eventually fixed it by replacing all calls to file_exists() to @is_file()

The fact that this alone cured the problem implies there's probably some bug in php rather than this software!

Hope this helps someone out there while you still have some hair left..

Steve <><
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Nice going Steve - glad it works for you. It's nice to have more suggestions / fixes in the boards for when things go wrong and absolutely nothing seems to work.
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