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Green Mole
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No more indexing after cleanning tables


I'm using phpdig on a site and I decided to clean the tables for a clean reindexation. The problem is that after clearing all the tables except the phpdigsites, I have no indexation. In fact the program find no links. Here what is display :


20476: old priority 0, new priority 18
Exploration des liens en cours...
Chemins exclus :
- @NONE@
Pas de liens dans la table temporaire
liens trouvés : 0
Optimizing tables...
Indexation terminée !


I've put debug message in spider.php to see what it does but that does't help me much. All I see is that it must fill the tempspider table with the link that has been found in the index file put I don't see where the index file is examinated.

Anybody has an idea of the problem ?

I have indexed web page and after the webmaster of the site ask me to index the pdf document, but after he ask me to not index pdf, so I clear the tables for that reason.
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Dave A
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When you say that you cleaned the tables, how did you do it.
Did you use phpmyadmin to drop the tables?
If you cleaned the whole tables then all of your data will have gone, if you have a backup available of the Database then it should be restorable.
If deleted just a few tables then some should be left.

You may have to reindex the lot to get it all back.

My database collapsed a few months ago and it took nearly seventeen days to repair the tables.
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Dave A
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It is possible to clean the tables using the admin panel and also the phpmyadmin.
Phpmyadmin works better everytime.
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