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Green Mole
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Segmentation fault, phpDig 1.8.9 RC1

Hi there,

phpDig 1.8.9 RC1 throws during spidering an Segmentation fault.
After a lot of debugging i've found out that the error is in the file admin/robot_function.php on line 650.
On this line you'll find a mb_eregi comparison of the server answer with a lot of special cars ($lota_chars). In the charlist ($lota_chars) you'll find the char ΓΏ, it's the last char in the list, and this char causes the error. If I remove the char everything works fine.

I'm not sure whether is a general fault or just a fault in case of our server configuration.
Our server configuration:
Apache/2.0.55 (Debian)
an a lot of extensions

I hope this information helps someone to solve the same error in shorter time.


Sorry for my poor english
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