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Green Mole
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problem lunching indexing

hello i have problem lauching the indexer.
it goes in spider.php but stay on a blank page? is it normal?
installation was ok. tables are created but nothing seems to happen when i try to index my site.?

any clue?

was wondering if someone had a config file for a french configuration that deals with accent?
Would be very appreciated
Thanks for any help.
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Green Mole
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Ok the indexer goes and does the indexing but when i go back to the admin panel no keywords are present???

i'm posting part of my config.php (the part i've modified)

/*************************************************************************** ********************************************/


define('PHPDIG_VERSION','1.8.9 RC1'); // no need to change

/*************************************************************************** ********************************************/


// error_reporting(0); // have PHP report no errors

// error_reporting(E_ALL); // have PHP report all errors

/*************************************************************************** ********************************************/


define('PHPDIG_ADM_AUTH','1'); // activates/deactivates login

define('PHPDIG_ADM_USER','test'); // login username

define('PHPDIG_ADM_PASS','qwerty123'); // login password

/*************************************************************************** ********************************************/


$phpdig_language = "fr"; // language: ca, cs, da, de, en, es, fr, gr, it, nl, no, pt, ru

define('PHPDIG_ENCODING','utf-8'); // KEEP AS utf-8 !!!

/*************************************************************************** ********************************************/


// you may have to change this constant depending on the page encoding, for instance...

// define('DETECT_ORDER','UTF-8,ISO-8859-7,ASCII'); // or

// define('DETECT_ORDER','UTF-8,Windows-1251,ASCII'); // or

// define('DETECT_ORDER','UTF-8,BIG-5,ASCII'); // or

// define('DETECT_ORDER','UTF-8,JIS,KOI8-R,EUC-KR,EUC-JP,SJIS,BIG-5'); // etcetera

// the first non UTF-8 encoding in the constant that 'matches' the page is used in conversion to UTF-8.

// note that some pages can match multiple encodings even though only one encoding displays correctly.

// for example, if you do a search and see chinese characters in german text, the order is not correct.

// you may need to set/reset this constant, as there is no perfect ordering for all pages.

// furthermore, some encodings have multiple names (e.g., CP1251 like Windows-1251).

// if needed, edit the function phpdigMakeUTF8 in robot_functions.php to account for multiple names.


/*************************************************************************** ********************************************/

//---------CONVERT JAPANESE KANA (only for Japanese)

define('ENABLE_JPKANA',false); // activates/deactivates japanese kana conversion

define('CONVERT_JPKANA','KVa'); // see for options

/*************************************************************************** ********************************************/

//---------PATH SETTINGS

// note: if you want a different path, you need to add that path (relative path up to the

// admin directory: ../dir or full path up to the admin directory: /full/path/to/dir) in

// the first if statement in this config.php file - for example:

// && ($relative_script_path != "../dir") // relative path

// && ($relative_script_path != "/full/path/to/dir") // full path

// you may also need to set $relative_script_path to this path in search.php, clickstats.php,

// and function_phpdig_form.php depending on what files you are calling from where.

// note: double dot means go back one and single dot means stay in same directory

// note: the path should be UP TO but NOT INCLUDING the admin directory - NO ending slash

/***** example

* phpdig installed at:

* want search page at:

* copy to

* copy to

* set $relative_script_path = './phpdig'; in search.php, clickstats.php, and function_phpdig_form.php

* add ($relative_script_path != "./phpdig") && to if statement


// full path up to but not including the phpdig admin directory, no end slash


that's it! i've tested phpdig1.8.8 and 1.8.9-rc1 and none seem's to work?
I've read that version 1.8.7 seems to work for french. Is that true? and if yes WHERE CAN I FIND IT?

I'm that close to right click->TRASH
It seems cool though when its working...

Thanks for any help.
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