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Green Mole
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Typical run times...

Yes, I know message boards have search features built in to them...

Nevertheless, we have been setting up phpdig and as a test have had it spider several message boards hosted on our server. One such board has about 9000 posts, and I realize, probably a lot of links that loop round and round... I set recursion at 2 and let phpdig go. 16 hours later it was still at it!

Is this typical? What are some runtimes some of you have experienced, and on what size of a site? Not necessarily looking for other message board crawling times, just anything in general that I can compare against.

Since some of these sites are "our" sites and on a local connection, it might be prudent to remove the sleep(2) call in spider.php to speed things up...
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Head Mole
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Hi. You might try using the PhpDig include and exclude comments for the header and footer, and if not already done, try running PhpDig from shell rather than from a browser.

Another idea, off the top of my head, would be to write a quick script to port the post URLs to a file, and then just crawl that file at level one.
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Orange Mole
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For those sites that take a looong time to index, it might be nice to have interruptible indexing (stop for a while, I'll tell you when to continue) - but that's a mod request and should be placed elsewhere I guess?

Anyway, if I can influence the design of the site to be indexed, what advice can I get from the gurus? What are the DOs and the DONTs for quick indexing? Where does PhpDig loose a lot of time when indexing sites? ...
René Haentjens, Ghent University
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Green Mole
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What I ended up doing was breaking my list of URL's into 7, 8, 9 or 10 sublists and then starting a crawler for each of them.


Doesn't make any individual site crawl faster, but the whole gets completed quicker.
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