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Green Mole
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spidering question

I have a question. Lets say I have a browse page where a user can browse books based on author. The author is selected from a dropdown. When the user hits find, they go to books.php?authorid=XXXX. Is there a way to dig into these dynamic pages?


And phpdig rocks!
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Green Mole
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I thought I found the solution, but i think my problem is more than pulling info session id, but with the form itself.

i have a form with a dropdown :


and the submit button of course.

is there a way to crawl the results of each selection to see url?authorid=authorX?

I'm assuming there will be three different results.

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Purple Mole
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If you could somehow setup your searches by directory, as discussed in this thread, then you could restrict your search to a certain author in a drop down box. There's no other way that I'm aware of to get the kind of functionality you want.
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