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Green Mole
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$site variable is not propagated to search_function.php

I've used PhpDig to index several websites on my server. That is, they are all indexed in the same mySQL database.

I set up a search box on one of the websites, and in order for the search to return hits that apply to that website only, I included the following input tag to be passed to search.php:

<input type="hidden" name="site" value="n">

where "n" is the site_id (gotten from the mySQL database) for the particular site.

If the user enters a search argument that is found, all works well. He gets a list of hits ONLY for site=n. However, if he misspells a word (for example "dynamte" instead of "dynamite") PhpDig responds with "No results. Did you mean <dynamite>?"

Here's the problem. If the user clicks on the prompt for <dynamite> PhpDig returns hits from ALL websites in the database, rather than hits for site=n only! The site_id value I supplied on the original query (where the user misspelled the word) has not been passed along to this second query.

Is this a bug or is there some way I can force the second, corrected query to limit itself to the one specific website?

Thanks in advance.

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