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Green Mole
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Angry Junk in keywords table - Indexing PDF

I have 1.8.0 installed on Redhat Linux.
When I index my pdf files I get lots of junk in the keywords table. It finds the file ok, but I don't get anything worth any value. Below is a snippit of some of the data. I have used the sample .PDF from this site with no luck. I have read through most of the forums with no luck. I am using pdftotext to create my plaintext file. It dosen't support STDOUT, but does create a txt file that I can open and see that it did parse the file correctly. I have also included a little snippit of my config.php. It almost looks like it is getting the encoding wrong, does anyone have any ideas? Thanks much,

| keyword |
| 6aeyqo,n |
| E#b5 |
| k��de�� |
| 3Iqha:cp |

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Green Mole
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More Research

I have looked at the temp files in the text_content dir, and all of the junk that i am getting in the database is in this file. How is the file getting created? When i run the pdftotext in bash everything works just fine, what is the difference?
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Hi. Don't forget the period...
PHP Code:
Try man pdftotext and look for enc to set the encoding if needed.
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