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Green Mole
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Bug when spidering subdomains

Hi charter!
I have found the following bug:

1) I spider a site (example: that contains a link to a subdomain. The link must consist in hostname onliy. In the example you will find a link to

2) The spider finds the link and since i have define('PHPDIG_IN_DOMAIN',true); adds it to the tempspider and sites tables. Actually it add the site correctly but in tempspider adds the path of the current page. In this case adds

3) I have done some tweaking on it and found that in robot_functions.php in phpdigExplore function:

if (substr($regs[8],0,1) == "/") {
$links[$index] = phpdigRewriteUrl($regs[8]);
$links[$index] = phpdigRewriteUrl($path.$regs[8]);

the "else" is executed when we don't have any path-filename in the link, so if i link to the current path is added to the link!

My solution is the following:

if (substr($regs[8],0,1) == "/") {
$links[$index] = phpdigRewriteUrl($regs[8]);
elseif($regs[5]=="" or $url == 'http://'.$regs[5].'/'){
// we are in the same host or the host information is not provided
$links[$index] = phpdigRewriteUrl($path.$regs[8]);
}elseif ($regs[5] != "" && $url != 'http://'.$regs[5].'/') {
// host information is provided but we are not in the same host
$links[$index] = phpdigRewriteUrl($regs[8]);

Charter what do you think? I don't know if the solution is good, if it is conservative to the other links or not....
Simone Capra
E.R.WEB - s.r.l.
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Head Mole
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Hi. Good eye! Yes, I see the problem when a link like is encountered without an ending slash. Untested, but an alternative solution might be the following:
PHP Code:
if (($regs[5] != "") && ($regs[8] == "")) {
$links[$index] = array("path" => """file" => "");
elsif (substr($regs[8],0,1) == "/") {
$links[$index] = phpdigRewriteUrl($regs[8]);
else {
$links[$index] = phpdigRewriteUrl($path.$regs[8]);

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