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Green Mole
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search for "hold" not matching on the word foothold

I've tried searching the archives, but either don't know what to search for or just can't find it...

The issue I'm seeing is that the search engine seems to only look at the beginning of the word.

For example, searching for "foo" returns the word foothold on a page, but searching for "hold" returns no results.

I have tried changing the default search setting (start/any/exact) and it makes no difference. Is there a way I can change this so that "hold" will match the world foothold in a page?

Thanks muchly
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Purple Mole
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Welcome to the forum, mingus.

Sorry, but phpdig only searches on the start of words or on whole words. There are no other options at this time.
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Green Mole
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One of the threads I did find when searching is this one

I think "partial word matching" as is mentioned in that thread is what I'm after here, and it sounds like this is a direction that phpDig will head when MySQL 4.x becomes more widespread. Matching on other parts of words is a must have for my site, so I reckon I'll hack it into phpDig and see where it gets me in the meantime.

If it's worthy, I'll post what I've got in case it's useful for someone else...
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