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A weird thought

A weird thought I had the other day was that I would not like to be a pan. If I were a pan, I would be put on a hot stove for cooking food, and that would hurt. Well, we know inanimate objects don't have feelings, but if they did, would a pan like being a pan?
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Dave A
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More weir thoughts

Well we all use the search engines to find things on the web, we don't have a problem with electrons whizzing up and down wires and cables passing data, but I wonder if a search engine could be produced that wouldn't need wires, one that could search trees and across fields and travel across everything.
Since all matter passes electrons I wonder if one day a search engine will be able to search out towards the stars looking for life itself?
I suppose that if we could read "life's file name!" or understand the way that it all fits together then we could search everything everywhere.
If fifty years ago you were to have sat down and described an Internet search engine it would have been beyond knowledge at that time and thought to be impossible, so my weird thought is "What comes next?"
Is anything just a search away?

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and may time treat you well.

All the best
Dave Andrews
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whew, the things some of you guys think up!!!

I agree with charters view of a pans life, however, being a pan on a hot stove does have its advantages in the winter time!

another advantage is the ability to snatch bits of food whenever you are hungry from whatever is being cooked!

happy holidays everyone, and happy digging!
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