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PHP has encountered an Access Violation at

Hi There,

I have installed PhpDig on a windows 2003 and IIS 6

PHP have been working fine and still does after installing PhpDig, my problem is that I'm getting the following error when trying to index the site.

SITE : http://intranet/
Exclude paths :
- @NONE@

PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 01F1AF85

Is result test http an array: 1
What is result test http status: HTML

Is result test an array: 1
What is result test status: HTML
Use is executable is set to: 0
Index the pdf is set to: 1
Parse the pdf is set to: F:/wwwroot/intranet/phpdig/includes/xpdf/pdftotext.exe
Does parse pdf exist: 1
Is parse pdf executable: 1

I have being searching for similar problems but found no answers, have anyone out there solved this sort of problem? or even had it?

my config.php look like this:

define('PHPDIG_VERSION','1.8.9 RC1'); // no need to change
define('PHPDIG_ADM_AUTH','1'); // activates/deactivates login
define('PHPDIG_ADM_USER','admin'); // login username
define('PHPDIG_ADM_PASS','admin'); // login password
$phpdig_language = "en"; // language: ca, cs, da, de, en, es, fr, gr, it, nl, no, pt, ru
define('PHPDIG_ENCODING','utf-8'); // KEEP AS utf-8 !!!
define('ENABLE_JPKANA',false); // activates/deactivates japanese kana conversion
define('CONVERT_JPKANA','KVa'); // see for options

define('USE_IS_EXECUTABLE_COMMAND','0'); // use PHP is_executable for external binaries
define('PHPDIG_INDEX_MSWORD',true); // activate/deactivate
define('PHPDIG_PARSE_MSWORD',"F:/wwwroot/intranet/phpdig/includes/antiword/antiword.exe"); // full path to external binary
define('PHPDIG_OPTION_MSWORD',''); // external binary options, e.g., '-s utf-8'
define('PHPDIG_MSWORD_EXTENSION',''); // only set if NOT STDOUT
define('PHPDIG_INDEX_PDF',true); // activate/deactivate
define('PHPDIG_PARSE_PDF',"F:/wwwroot/intranet/phpdig/includes/xpdf/pdftotext.exe"); // full path to external binary
define('PHPDIG_OPTION_PDF',''); // external binary options, e.g., '-enc UTF-8'
define('PHPDIG_PDF_EXTENSION','.txt'); // only set if NOT STDOUT
define('PHPDIG_INDEX_MSEXCEL',true); // activate/deactivate
define('PHPDIG_PARSE_MSEXCEL','F:/wwwroot/intranet/phpdig/includes/catdoc/xls2csv'); // full path to external binary
define('PHPDIG_OPTION_MSEXCEL',''); // external binary options, e.g., '-s utf-8'
define('PHPDIG_MSEXCEL_EXTENSION',''); // only set if NOT STDOUT
define('PHPDIG_INDEX_MSPOWERPOINT',false); // activate/deactivate
define('PHPDIG_PARSE_MSPOWERPOINT','F:/wwwroot/intranet/phpdig/includes/ppt2text'); // full path to external binary
define('PHPDIG_OPTION_MSPOWERPOINT',''); // external binary options, e.g., 'whatever'

Kind Regards

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