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Spider.php - Renice is not executed?


I'am working with window.

And I am executing the spider.php file with cmd comand. I want to do finally a cron that will be execute all weeks.

For this, I execute the following command, to run the file :

c:\php\php.exe - f spider.php
The comand begin to execute to index all my page, but I have an error when I run this comand.
It doesn't not recognised the RENICE command, and I think it because I'am in window. But I don't know if it is important to execute this command?

I search in the phpdig, and I find that I can desactivate to apply the value to "0" for USE_RENICE_COMMAND, in the config.php.

My question is, can I desactivate the RENICE or not?

Thanks !
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