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Ho hum... So attached to this post is a file listing the code changes between PhpDig v.1.8.5 and PhpDig v.1.8.6, assuming the code changes already posted in this thread have already been applied to v.1.8.5.

Note that there are no database table changes from v.1.8.5 to v.1.8.6. The attached file is provided for your convenience, should you be on you way to hacking v.1.8.5 but want to upgrade to v.1.8.6. Really, you should upgrade, but I'm not going to beg.

Anyway, if I didn't forget to list any steps in the attached file, and you can follow it, then there shouldn't be a problem upgrading to v.1.8.6, but if you do run into problems, then download v.1.8.6 directly. As always, the changes can be found in the Changelog file.

Note: If you downloaded PhpDig v.1.8.6 directly after the date of this post, then all the code changes posted in this thread have already been applied. Again, there are no database table changes between PhpDig v.1.8.5 and PhpDig v.1.8.6.

C'mon, upgrade! Oh, and don't go r****mly applying code changes from old posts, as these forums have supported multiple versions of PhpDig so it is possible that such code no longer applies.

Also, any possible code changes to PhpDig v.1.8.6 shall be continued in this thread.
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