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Hi. Here are some answers, although you may have already figured them out.

>> How to quick continue spidering/indexing after break?

If spidering ends prematurely, there may be index info remaining in the tempspider table. If so, just enter the URL again or choose the site and update.

>> The site is locked - I m able to unlock it in admin, but what next ?

See above.

>> But spidering sites takes too long - about 400 pages - 24 hours and it takes longer and longer.
Is it regular ?

Maybe update to version 1.8.1 or make sure that the tempspider table is empty between runs. To empty the tempspider table, just click the delete button without selecting a site.

>> Is is nescessary to work with database.

Some people using Win/IIS servers have had to fiddle with the database tables, but if you are using Apache, then it shouldn't be necessary to work directly with the tables.

>> After some testing I have found that at my computer script which run from console is about 10 times more quick then browser based.

Welcome to shell.
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