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spider.php problem


I just installed and integrated phpdig to my website. The install went OK (i.e., phpdig tables are created). But then in index.php, when I tried to index the link by putting down the URI link and click 'Dig This!', which is supposed to direct to spider.php, the spider.php page could not be accessed. This is the browser error message: "The page cannot be displayed ...Cannot find server or DNS Error".

Then, I tried to refresh the page. Now I can see the page, but it didn't seem to work either. Below is the PhpDig message:

Spidering in progress... [Stop spider]
Optimizing tables...
Indexing complete !
[Back] to admin interface.

Yes, only those 5 lines, which convince me that spider.php isn't doing anything.

By the way, there is one issue in my server: allow_url_fopen is set to 0. I tried to work on it by adding iniset('allow_url_fopen', '1') at the top of every php page.

I don't know whether allow_url_fopen or another issue is the cause of the problem.

Could somebody help?

Thanks in advance.
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