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someone (i don't know...) posted :
hi all

i've just installed phpdig for a big website with hundreds of pages. in the search results i've included html pages and also .doc, .pdf, etc.

how do i sort the list with these certain rules that i want to use:
- title rule: if a keyword or sentence match the title then this result will apear the top
- frequency rule: if a keyword or a phrase matches many times on a single page then pages with the most frequent one appear the top
- extension rule: html results will apear at the top then pdf and doc results

if there's no built-in functions that comes with phpdig for these features or don't know how but know which file that control the algorithm, queries and logic that would also help.

thanks b4

i have the same problem with u
i have the function that sort the results
but the algorithm (sorting results) is very bad
when i implement it with php,it's show a slow execution
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