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Suggestions needed for pdf tracking mod

I have a directory full of pdfs that are now indexed and searchable by PhpDig.

I am looking to add a feature whereby when the user clicks on a search result (and consequently downloads a pdf file) a record is kept that that specific file was downloaded.

Then I'll make a separate app (or add it to the PhpDig admin page) that can display stats for all the pdfs (how many times each one was downloaded)

I'm new to PhpDig so I though that I would ask if anyone had a suggestion as to best go about this.

One idea i had :

I can manually edit the database: change the spider.path field for a all the pdf's from "pdf/" to "download.php?file="

download.php would handle the hand-off, writing a row to the DB and sending the user the file.

Is this the way to go about his or is there a better way?
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