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Unhappy MySQL Connections

Hi again... this wouldn't exactly count as a 'troubleshooting' message... but anyway, i'm currently under a hosting plan that measures my mysql usage. and last check i made, i've exceeded my monthly limit and racked up $50 in charges!!! well, the only suspect this points to is phpdig (but i don't blame you, this is a great software!)... my question is, does the spidering process involve a lot of database connections? Here is my host's take on it:

Generally, we include from 5 to 30 million conueries a month. If you require more, each extra million (per month) costs $5. However, you may upgrade your plan at any time to get more conueries whenever you'd like to avoid any overage charges.

We've instituted these limits in order help insure quality database service to all of our users. If you have heavy database requirements for your site, please contact our Support Team and let them know, and we'll do our best to work with you towards a long-term cost-effective solution for your site.
What should I do now? I want to continue using this software without paying extra! Is PhpDig too good to be true? Hope to hear from all of you. Thanks..
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