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Hi Charter,

Thanks very much for your quick reply. I had set the permissions correctly, but then moved the file to a new directory, so somehow it was changed to the wrong settings. It is now 755, and this is the output from the echos.

...similar to what was there before except as shown below...

level 3...

Is result test http an array: 1
What is result test http status: PDF

Is result test an array: 1
What is result test status: PDF
Use is executable is set to: 1
Index the pdf is set to: 1
Parse the pdf is set to: /home5/goeco/HTML/pdftotext
Does parse pdf exist: 1
Is parse pdf executable: 1

Command is: /home5/goeco/HTML/pdftotext -cork ../admin/temp/78556292.tmp
Result contains: Array ( )
Return value is: 1

(time : 00:01:35)

No link in temporary table
links found : 15
Optimizing tables...
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