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1.6.2 fix to crawl binary files

This is a 1.6.2 temporary fix to crawl binary files. This fix is not included in the 1.6.2 download but will be improved upon and included in the next release.

First make a backup of the robot_functions.php file. Then in robot_functions.php, find the function phpdigTempFile. In the function phpdigTempFile, find the following:
PHP Code:
return array('tempfile'=>$tempfile,'tempfilesize'=>$tempfilesize); 
and replace with the following:
PHP Code:
    switch ($result_test['status']) {
$my_new_tempfile $tempfile;

//case 'MSEXCEL':
         //$my_new_tempfile = "<fill in>";

case 'PDF':
$my_new_tempfile $tempfile."2.txt";

$my_new_tempfile $tempfile;

return array(
It seems that $my_new_filename can be different depending on external binary defaults, something to work on for the next release. In the meantime, after crawling a binary file, go to the temp directory and look at the extention, modifying the above as necessary.
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