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claudiomet 08-31-2004 12:34 PM

404 error via shell... no pages indexed
When spidering via web I had no problems, the spider found links and index the pages, but when I do it via ssh:
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
See for explanation.<br>
404s are either dead links or something looked like a link to PhpDig so PhpDig tried to crawl it.<br>
This is a part of my spider.log... I have a cronlist.txt file containing a list of urls, but in all sites appear this message and 0 pages indexed. My spidering settings are:

Search Depth:5
Link per:10
Days After:7
Reindex depth:5

vinyl-junkie 08-31-2004 02:50 PM

That is just a warning message, and nothing to be concerned about. Check out this thread. :)

claudiomet 09-01-2004 06:07 AM

Oh! Thanks...
but viewing the shell console appear this messages:

PHP Warning: eregi() REG_EMPTY in /home/.../robot_functions.php on line 1252

what means this? ... I have a lot of this messages.

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