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marb 03-25-2004 11:23 PM

speed of search and filter out double results
I'm running 3 versions of PHPDIG 180 in different dirs.
All versions use the same DB, work good!
I can spider more than one URL at the same time, work good also.
If I do a search on the same time(with spidering) the speed of search is sometimes ferry slow,
and my server go slow. Depend of the results I get of the query.

Results 1-10, 1475 total, on "vermeer" (25.41 seconds)
Sometimes I have also a lot of double results of the same url.

I'm running regular "clean index" I'm a bit careful to run "clean directory".
I dont no of I lose results that I want to keep.

How can I speed up this a bit?
And how can I filter of double results?

Marten :)

Charter 03-29-2004 11:38 AM

Hi. Searching while spidering can be slow, as spidering, especially with three running, can be intense. Perhaps this thread might help. Also, for double results, PhpDig doesn't specifically account for multithreading issues. Perhaps try adding a column to the tempspider table indictaing whether a link has been grabbed and modify the code accordingly.

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