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cherry1499 09-17-2004 03:43 AM

hi, how can i work with the database?

I use MySQL ...

Greetings Michaela

vinyl-junkie 09-17-2004 05:24 AM


Originally Posted by cherry1499
hi, how can i work with the database?

I use MySQL ...

Greetings Michaela

You should have a utility through you web host's control panel called phpMyAdmin, which can be used to look at the raw data for your phpdig database. Check with your web host if you are unsure.

cherry1499 09-17-2004 06:04 AM

Hi vinyl,
yeah, i have got phpmyadmin and i can look into the tables ...

... and now? :)


P.S. My main problem: I ve got dynamic pages (...content?ID=343) and i have an redirect (.htaccess - now 343.html) and phpdig dont spider this sites.

vinyl-junkie 09-17-2004 08:45 PM

OK, I understand what you want now. I believe there has been an issue with indexing pages like this, but I'm not sure what the status is on it. Perhaps Charter will come along and comment on that.

rob1 09-18-2004 04:03 PM

Chiming in to follow the thread- I'm facing the same issues, and am so new to the software I'm not sure if I'm screwing up, or the software doesn't want to work with my site. I've got a dynamic, database driven site that uses .htaccess for SE friendly urls. I'm having no luck getting phpdig to index it. So, I'm off to search around for more posts on the issue!

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