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How do I get pdftotext for use with PhpDig?
At FooLabs is a mirror to PlanetMirror where you can find compiled versions of pdftotext for various operating systems.

Go to PlanetMirror and download xpdf-3.00-linux.tar.gz or a later version (assumes linux is your operating system).

Unzip xpdf-3.00-linux.tar.gz and extract only the pdftotext file (it has already been compiled and is a binary file).

FTP just the pdftotext file in binary mode to your account (your cgi-bin directory should allow this file to run).

Once the file is over, change its permission to rwxr-xr-x (755 permission) if applicable for your operating system.

Now in the PhpDig config file, set the following:

define('PHPDIG_INDEX_PDF',true); // set to true
define('PHPDIG_PARSE_PDF','/full/path/to/cgi-bin/pdftotext'); // assuming linux
define('PHPDIG_OPTION_PDF',''); // two single quotes, no space inbetween

Also be sure to set the following in the PhpDig config file too:

define('PHPDIG_PDF_EXTENSION','.txt'); // don't forget the period in .txt

Give PhpDig a whirl and see if it indexes PDF files.

Run into a problem? Check this thread.

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