View Full Version : Highlight for all templates

06-08-2004, 01:06 AM
Highlight and background colors cannot be used without these corrections.

In function_phpdig_form.php variables must be assigned:

$result['highlight'] = HIGHLIGHT_COLOR;
$result['background'] = HIGHLIGHT_BACKGROUND;
if ($mode == 'classic')

and in search_function.php take variables into use:

if ($template == 'array' || is_file($template)) {
$phpdig_version = PHPDIG_VERSION;
$t_mstrings = compact('powered_by_link','title_message','phpdig_version','result_message' ,'nav_bar','ignore_message','ignore_commess','pages_bar','previous_link','n ext_link','templates_links','highlight','background');

This will also help to manage admin mod because these files can be left out from it!