View Full Version : RSS/XML Import

04-29-2004, 06:12 AM
Heres one for the Mole Armada to ponder. RSS/XML import functions. I know you're sittin there thinking "why?" well, simple. RevenuePilot and Searchfeed PPC import lol.

A feature i would be interested in would be to have to option in Admin to display "X" amount of either SearchFeed or Revenuepilot PPC listings at the top of the search results. I have a PhP search engine that already does this if anyone cares to make a hack for the datastream and hopefully create a mod for PhPdig.

Such a mod would allow for the webmaster of such PhPdig sites to make a few bucks and pay for the bandwidth/hosting they use. Allowing for PPC advertisers to join locally would also be helpful.

On RevenuePilot and Searchfeed i have only seen one major issue, there would need to be an option for LLP simple AND LLP parrallel. Not every hosting company uses Parrallel, but unless you want 5-10 second page loads you need LLP Parrallel.

I'm willing to assist with this mod if anyone likes the idea..