View Full Version : A mouse that supports spasms?

04-11-2004, 02:41 PM

My dad is an old chap, and he's lately been having problems using the mouse on his computer. Moving the mouse isn't the problem, it's clicking. He may try to click once, but his fingers spazm and he'll end up double clicking unpurposfully.

Can anyone think of or know of a place that sells adaptive software or maybe a new mouse that supports finger twitching? I tried checking the Control Panel - Mouse section, and that just had a slide adjust to control how fast you could double click. This doesn't help.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

04-11-2004, 03:40 PM
Hi. Maybe MagicCursor 2000 would be of help. There is a demo download available at http://www.madentec.com/ - just select the 'Click/Dwell Select' link from the main page for more info.

04-11-2004, 03:40 PM
How about trying out another type of mouse on him? There are a couple of different kinds that come to mind. One is called a track ball, which has as you might guess, a big ball in the middle of it that takes care of most of the mouse movements. There are button on the side of the device that do various things, too. I have a co-worker that uses that type of mouse because he has carpal tunnel syndrome, but I'm sure other people with special needs could benefit from this as well.

The other type of mouse (which I personally don't like) is one that's more like a tracking screen, very similar to the mouse that you see on a laptop.

Would either one of these be something your dad could use?

04-11-2004, 04:22 PM
Thank you guys for your help.

Charter - I tried that download and I think that that may require too much rememberence to use. If you move the mouse out of the way to start typing something, there is a big chance it will change focus and you'll have to have the mouse right over what you type, or remember to hit pause. This causes alot of problems as he volunteers his time to use Excel for the police station (data input), so a frequently self-clicking mouse will be bothersome.

Vinyl - The tracking mouse is a good idea, the trackball though uses the same click/double-click function as a normal mouse so that won't accomplish much. I'm going to borrow a friend's laptop and have my dad try that, and if that works then I'll buy one off of ebay or through a distributor for my work.

If anyone else has ideas they will still be appreciated. I guess the milliondollar responce I was hoping for was a program that blocked the signal of the double click and you have to select a menu option to disable the block for a few seconds.

Thanks though guys!


04-11-2004, 07:36 PM
If you do use the laptop pad, make sure that it's not set to be clickable, since that would give him the same problem as a regular mouse. I can't think of any other input devices that have separate tracking and clicking dealies, though, hmmm. If you set the double-click speed to the slowest you say that doesn't help?