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03-03-2004, 11:30 PM
Hi. Outsourcing jobs to other countries: Are you for it, against it, not sure, don't care?

03-06-2004, 10:46 PM
IT jobs are getting hit pretty hard here in the US, although I'm fairly safe in my own job - for the time being at least. That said though, there are several things that really bother me about outsourcing. One is that our politicians say, well, we can just retrain for another job. Retrain for what? And what about the "older" workers? Like it or not, there is age discrimination in the work force. Where do they find another job when they've been displaced? How many times in your lifetime might you have to retrain because of outsourcing? Who pays for the retraining?

How is it good for the US economy to use tax dollars to put Americans out of work, and give their jobs to people in other countries? And these are people who will never pay US taxes! I see our elected officials concerned with the well being of corporations but not the well-being of the citizens.

03-29-2004, 03:05 AM
I don't like outsourcing or the trend towards moving manufacturing jobs overseas either. I don't like change.

However, the world has changed and is moving quickly towards a one world economy. Our politicians cannot stop this from happening and it isn't their fault it is happening either. China will be the world economic and military leader in the future no matter what we try to do to stop it from happening.

Corporations are faced with the need to cut cost to remain competitive. Sure, some of them outsource over greed but much of it is the result of adjusting to compete with new foreign competitors. They don’t have much choice.

Change is painful. People don’t like to feel pain. So, they blame others. The Democrats want people to believe that they cab stop job loss that it is the fault of the Republicans. Neither is true. They just want the power back because that is what they live for. The Republicans don’t take the time to explain what’s really going on so that people can actually understand. So, people are left to listen to how others distort the truth.

In reality, globalization has been going on for years. We have been feeling the positive effects of it for years and have not been complaining about. We are just now feeling the negative effect of job loss to other countries and we don’t like it. Once globalization start to equalize in counties with larger populations, job loss will stop being the problem that it is today.

Is job loss really a problem? I heard recently that for every job that is lost overseas, a new job replaces it in the US. Many new jobs are being created every day. The problem is that people have to be trained for these jobs. I think this is a good think. Our country is way behind others in education. Other counties have focused on education for years and benefiting from it now.