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09-03-2003, 02:25 PM
Hi. Moving and adding to this site is a work in progress. ;) If you have suggestions, please feel free to post them.

No work back from Antoine yet, but hopefully soon. If the "okay" is given, material from http://phpdig.toiletoine.net can then be moved to http://www.phpdig.net

[rambling thoughts]
What do I need to do? Let's see... Get a contact form setup, get a PhpDig demo setup, and if the material can be transferred to this site, get that setup too.

Perhaps I can write a script to import the PhpDig Messageboard database tables into the vBulletin database tables, perhaps someone would like to volunteer for this, or perhaps people will need to just re-register.

Assuming the "okay" is given and http://www.phpdig.net gets setup, then development on PhpDig can continue here.
[/rambling thoughts]