View Full Version : "tempspider" table fills itself without stopping

01-21-2004, 06:37 AM

I've a big problem !
I've started crawling (refreshing the indexation) a website in the phpdig admin, and I closed the IE window without wanting it !
So, I go back to the admin and find the website locked. I unlock it and try to crawl it again. This time, the crawling does not end at all... the page is charged but nothing happens. So I close the window

I go to PhpMyAdmin and see that the "tempspider" table fills itself without stopping ! 6 364 entries in 1 hour !

The admin still works, the website isn't locked anymore.

What can I do to stop it and reindex the site ?

Thanks !


01-21-2004, 09:09 AM
Hi. To start anew, just delete the site from the admin panel and click the delete button without selecting a site to delete the content of the tempspider directory. You can also delete the content from the keywords table by clicking the clean dictionary link, but it's likely faster to just empty the tables from phpMyAdmin or shell.

PhpDig checks whether a site is new or has already been indexed. If new, it inserts information about the site in the site and tempspider tables. If already indexed, it takes information from the sites table and inserts information in the tempspider table. The contents of the tempspider table is used for indexing or updating a site.

In genereal, closing/stopping a browser does not necessary stop a scripts execution and this can be the case with PhpDig, especially as PhpDig sets the time limit to a day to allow for extended indexing. You can stop a process from shell, or click the delete button, with no site selected, from the admin panel to empty the tempspider table.